HLN ONE DAY With John Albiston


Registration is now open for our “HLN One Day” events happening throughout Saskatchewan this November.

Our guest for these sessions is John Albiston. John is part of a team from the Alberta/Northwest Territories district office who are dedicated to seeing churches become an effective multiplying catalyst for the Kingdom of God in their local areas. To date, AB/NWT through the work of effectiveness coaches like John have watched their district go from 16% of their churches being on a growth trajectory to now; close to 50% in the last 18 months.

Along with our very own Louis Halbgewachs, John will be spending the day uploadingĀ inspirational and practical information that will give you the tools in your toolbox you need to begin addressing the question at your local church: “Where are we headed?”

If you’re an SK pastor, we’d encourage you to bring people from your leadership teams along with you. If you’re a leader in your local church that is looking for helpful strategies and materials, we’d love to see you at one of our “HLN One Day” events.

We look forward to learning with you this November.

REGISTRATION ($25: Price includes food and materials for the day)

NOV 5 // HLN One Day PRINCE ALBERT- Register Here

NOV 6 // HLN One Day SASKATOON- Register Here

NOV 7 // HLN One Day REGINA- Register Here


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