Healthy Leaders = Healthy Churches

There is nothing more frustrating than someone giving you advice about health when they are clearly unhealthy themselves.

You and I would probably dismiss what they have to say. We would probably move on to another individual who we would consider to be practicing what they are teaching. Whether you know it or not, the reality is that in post Christian Canada this very dynamic is happening in a spiritual sense within many of our churches.

The time has passed where the congregations we serve, as well as the communities consider what we have to say just because we are “the pastor.” Many local church leaders are either intensely feeling the loss of influence they once had or are struggling to figure out strategies to engage in ways that are meaninful to both those “in” and “out” of their churches.

Adding to all of this is the PR problem many pastors are experiencing, which is predominantly not of our making. Because of the moral failings of a few, the many end up living with the stigma and societal stereotypes that have left pastors trying to navigate some very sensitve cultural waters.

We want to start off this leadership resourcing journey by encouraging you:

Pastor, you’re amazing. You are appreciated and we want to help you succeed in the context and ministry God has planted you in.

Let’s be honest for a second. Ministry can be hard at times, there are a lot of expectations on you and your family. You have convictions and leadership promptings that at times you have to suppress to keep the peace in the congregations you lead. There are staff dynamics that are challenging and a cultural navigation that is nuanced and complicated. You don’t have to be doing what you are doing, but we are so glad that you are. Your congregations, your families and the communities you live in desperately need leadership. But not just any kind or leadership… Healthy leadership.

As John Maxwell has famously said “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” We believe that God has called you in this season for a reason. And so, because of that conviction the Healthy Leader Network team will be looking to encourage and equip you with resourcing that we hope will build you into the healthy leader that your circles of influence, as well as your networks need. Here is how we hope to do it:

  • Healthy Leader Network “One Day” gatherings. We’ll be doing these in November 2019 and March 2020. We’ll be coming to locations in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina for individual full day sessions where you and your teams will be able to be inspired and equipped with personal growth, leadership and church vitality/multiplication strategies.
  • Natural Church Development assessments and Discovery Weekends: The only way you can move towards your desired destination as a leader is if you figure out where you currently find yourself. Our NCD assessments and Discovery Weekends are designed to help you do this.

Pastor, we believe in you.

Our hope and desire is to come along side of you so that the areas of health in your life continue to thrive. We also hope to help you confront and improve the spaces of your life and ministry that need to be improved (We all have them). We don’t want your voice in your congregation, your family or community to be dismissed or overlooked.

We want you to be the healthy leader that people around you need.

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